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Creation based Biology options?

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Alternatives to Apologia? Are there any?


My oldest DD used Apologia and really enjoyed it.

That said, DS is not excited about doing Biology. :( He *really* wants to do Chemistry and Physics, but needs to finish Algebra first.)

He's a strong reader and does great with memorization so Apologia should be right up his alley. If there were DVDs to go along with it, I'd be tickled. However, there aren't.


From what I understand Physical Science (for which there are DVDs) is a very poor choice for a freshman science credit for a kiddo who will most likely go into a Tech or Engineering field. Bummer.




FYI: I will not compromise on the Creation based part and I'd prefer not to have it be controversial. Thanks! :)

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He could do a *strong* physical science course now. BJU and PH CIA are both exceptionally strong physical science courses. Half the country seems to do physical science in 9th grade, so to say you can't do it and get to where you're wanting to go isn't accurate. Doing biology when the kid is really in mode to do physics and chem doesn't make sense. (just saying, lol) If he has done a strong pre-algebra course and is mid-way on his algebra 1, he's more than prepared to do the math in BJU or the PH CIA. He could start the BJU dvd course now, do it through the summer, and then say at Christmas kick over to his next step (full Chem, Bio, whatever). BJU's biology is their 10th grade offering. The textbook is kind of crunchy. I think Mr. Harmon is doing the new videos for it, so they should be good. You could watch the videos (or watch the Bio 101 videos), do labs from BJU or the Illustrated Guide, and assign reading of other sources, totally skipping the BJU text. Some mixture like that is where we're headed for bio.


I don't know if you know this, but AIG has a book Evolution Exposed that is keyed to every evolution topic in the major publisher textbooks. I'm not saying you should use those texts, because I have as much issue with them as you do (hence my EXTREME reluctance to use Miller-Levine, even though it's a much more engaging text than BJU's). I think it's eye-popping to read selections of Miller-Levine and realize people actually SAY (or print) this stuff. You can get it through the library and use EE as a way to compare and work through the topics. Lets you handle them your way.


I haven't seen the Abeka bio text, but I've talked with people who said they basically just read it and moved on. I'm planning to put our emphasis on labs for biology, as we have done with physical science this year. I'm collecting reading to go with it. The Best of American Science and Nature Writing books are fascinating and not expensive. You can read the articles and then use them to rabbit trail and explore topics. Sort of another way to approach biology, focusing on how relevant it is.

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