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IEW Site for Kids???

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We really like IEW. We did it last year using the Medieval History-based lesson book. We liked it and knew we'd do it this year with the US History-based lesson book and even started into getting together a group to do it with in conjunction with our book club. BUT THEN . . . I watched the DVDs. I hadn't done that before. I love the way Pudewa presents this and I've been won over by him. I want to do it just as he suggests in the DVDs (across the curriculum, incorproated into each subject). One thing will be missing, though, my daughter always did enjoy sharing her work with others and seeing their work. So, I'm wondering, is there an interactive IEW kid's site? A place to post work, view work, talk vocabulary, get tips, stuff like that for the kiddos?



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The syllabus appendix of the TWSS manual (June 2001 edition) lists Young Writer's Clubhouse as a place for "kid novelists." I didn't register, so I couldn't see what kids were posting, but one area of the site appears to be a "critique group," where kids can "share stories and poems that you have written yourself. Get constructive feedback from other kid writers in the process."

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