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Ordering curriculum tomorrow

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Tomorrow I'm headed to the town over to the materials display for ABeka. If I order there, I don't have to pay for shipping. Dh and I are pretty excited. I'm going to have fun having my hands on the books and looking through them. I received our books and lit guides from Memoria press earlier in the week. Our logic and supplemental literature books arrived from Amazon on Saturday. We are beyond thrilled to get to home school dd11 again. I feel blessed that I actually get to use the curriculum I really want this time. We couldn't afford it last time. I know this isn't earth shattering news, but I wanted to be excited with people who would understand.

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I know how you feel. We've been doing the same thing the last moth or so too. We've been after-schooling for a long time (several years now) and some of my materials I've saved up for and really love... others like the workbooks from Walmart we started out with, I'd love to put in a garage sale if somebody I know in town ever has one (nobody would ever drive 20 miles to the middle of nowhere on really horrible dirt roads for a yard sale.)


We finally decided on a combination of 2 curricula we think will mesh well together and will appeal to our children. The Eclectic Education Series from Dollar Homeschool (McGuffey Readers, Ray's Arithmetic, etc) and Rod and Staff. I was so excited to make several purchases from the classifieds here at TWTM that nabbed us some of the things we needed 2nd-hand and in really great condition and saved us enough money that we were able to buy some of the subjects we weren't finding directly from Milestone Ministries.


We are bringing our two boys home, starting with the oldest next Monday. Followed by the younger over the summer break. I am so excited to begin using these educational materials.

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