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those thinking about doing HOD high school


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HI, I am thinking a lot about high school these days as I have an 8th grader. I have three

students using HOD and thinking about high school for them. Do any of you who are considering HOD for high school worry about it being it new? Since no one has gone through this program, there is no "success" story as to being college ready, there is no talk about SAT, ACT testing and how students will fair on these tests. I really like HOD and my kids really kids it too! But there are other programs that have good "success" stories from students that have been through their programs. Guess I am scared about my kids being the guinea pigs. I am NOT bashing HOD I am just looking for others point of view.

Thanks for any discussion.


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Yes, I've had the same thought. Though I think I also started using MFW highschool before they had finished that series also :)


I've been watching what Carrie is choosing as her resources and so far, it looks really good. I'm not especially happy about the Bob Jones Literature, but there is nothing she's chosen so far that isn't able to be part of a quality high school freshman year. I'm planning on using it with my youngers but, of course, that's a few years down the road and if plans continue, I'll be able to look at the whole sequence before my 11yods is ready to start highschool.

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My son is in seventh, using HOD- and as of right now- I do think he will continue with the program through high school. I do not feel too worried about the fact that it is new and "unproven" although I do think about it frequently. I don't know if this helps... I do plan on having him be a major part of the discussion as we plan high school and he will have a "say" in the program we choose, etc.


I, personally, have always felt very reassured by Carrie's approach and focus. I know she plans to prepare her own sons for their futures as leaders and providers for their families (with being prepared for higher level education part of that focus).These goals match mine and so I have felt comfortable with that.


However, all things are subject to change over here... and we are still one and one half years away from 9th grade. ;)




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