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Keep plugging away or dump MFW K


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First, let me hide in shame. I love MFW K. I really do, but lately it's starting to get kind of repetitive. My daughter is really beyond the phonics work that we are doing even though we are towards the end of the curriculum. I'm waiting to start AAR 1 as soon as I get the rest of the materials. Honestly, she lands somewhere around lesson 30 in there, so we will see how that goes too. It just seems like we're plugging and chugging to make it through to the end. Maybe it's just me though. We plan to start LHFHG in July. I honestly would have no problem just reading, doing phonics, math, handwriting and then calling it a day.


Would you dump something if you just lost the drive? Even though you paid out the money for this curriculum? I'm even thinking of selling it because I can't see myself going through it again so soon with my youngest. I could put that money towards some fun science activities-or maybe a membership to another science museum.


I guess I'm just thinking outloud. Thoughts though?

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I did MFWK a few years ago with my oldest, before the change. Looking back I wished I would have dropped it and done something else. It was our first year HSing though and I didn't know what else to do. I think toward the end I was just doing it for the phrases of each card and because I had bought it and felt I had to use it. We had lost our zeal for it a long time before that.

If I were you and feeling the way I did then but knowing what I know now, I would drop it and just focus on the 3rs with whatever curric I liked. HTH

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My son was a little beyond the program once we hit around unit 16 or 18 simply because he was an older K'er. What I did was speed it up. Instead of doing 6 days per unit, we did 2 or 3. I skipped many of the science activities and just made sure to teach him the info using living books. I also stopped doing parts of the phonics, like the salt tray and singing ABC's. We skipped a lot of the games. We did several phonics days in one day. Doing this worked out great. We were able to finish our the program, learn about the science topics, make sure he had the phonics foundation down, but not feel like we were moving at a snails pace either. It worked well for us, especially since I got pregnant and took a good amount of time off because of being so sick early on and we were behind. :)


However, if that doesn't appeal to you, drop it if you feel you want to. You don't have to use it or finish it just because you bought it. Do what works.

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here are some of the links angelbee is looking for




for phonics specifically.... (both of my girls were ahead in reading when using MFW K).... here are some very specific age/stage beef up things for phonics to become spelling and more handwriting and copywork




Maybe doing MFW K with my middle and youngest made it different for me to not want to speed it up or something. I am guessing if I had tried MFW K with my oldest, I wouldn't have liked it as much. I don' t know hard to know on that, right? But we treasured doing the activities in the program and reading a few books here and there. and getting more fluency in reading, even though they were both ahead.


maybe some of those ideas could help to freshen up the next couple of weeks. Get some more nature walks and field trips now that warmer weather is thinking about showing up. but for the age, yes.. what you said about playing outside, field trip fun... do that. read some books.. and do all of the Bible from MFW K.


but take a look through the ideas on the second link I shared in this post and see if any of those could be a little bit more fun to get done in about 5 minutes with the language arts stuff, and then enjoy the activities section.

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