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Starting formal grammar in 2nd grade....FLL and Rod and Staff questions


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My son will be starting second grade in a few months. I'm lookiing into a formal grammar program. He has not done formal grammar. We use MFW and plan to use Adventures. But, I'm not loving their suggestion of PLL for grammar.


I'm looking at FLL. If I were to go this route, should I start at level 1 or level 2. I know the grade doesn't matter. But, it says FLL 1 is for 1st grade and 2 is for 2nd and so on. I don't see a way to assess where he should be placed. He hasn't been exposed to anything formal, but I don't want it to be too easy for him either. I was able to see a very small sample of both FLL 1 and 2. I didn't see any of the copy work in 1, but I did see it in 2. He can definitely do that copy work easily (at least at the beginning of the book ;)). But, we've never talked about what a noun is at all. So....I don't know. My thought maybe we should start at 1 now and move quickly through anything easy for him. Then, move on to 2 when we finish. That way I am sure he has the foundation. Thoughts from those who have BTDT??


I'm also looking at Rod and Staff English 2. The two seem very different in style. I do tend to like workbooks and my son does well with them.


Are these programs easy to switch back and forth from? Like, if we choose FLL and decide we want to give the workbook approach a try, could we easily change from one to the other after a year? Of course, I assume we would want to settle on one or the other for the long haul. And, if we like what we choose, we would just stick with that.


Which program allows for more independent work now? Or as we go up? I assume they are both fairly teacher intensive now because it is still only 2nd grade and my son has never had formal grammar. However, I do have 5 younger children including twins doing K, twins who are about to turn 3 and an almost 5 month old. So, if one is slighly more independent than the other, that might be good. ;)


Is one or the other better in the long run? Does one or the other give the student a better understanding and foundation of grammar or are they equal in that regard?


Thank you in advance for your help and insight!!

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You can start FLL at level 2. It teaches everything from the beginning.


R&S is not a workbook. It's a textbook. I personally don't care for the grade 2 book. I like grade 3 and up. My middle son will be in first grade next year, and I plan to use FLL1 and 2, then switch to R&S at level 3.


FLL is more teacher intensive than R&S in grade 3 and 4. That's why I use R&S at that point.


Both give thorough understanding of grammar. FLL moves a bit faster than R&S, yet it's still gentle. FLL only goes to grade 4. Some people use FLL 1-4, then switch to R&S 5..With both programs, you can start at grade level with no prior grammar knowledge in the elementary years, so switching back and forth is not a problem.

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Oops on thinking R&S was a workbook! I didn't look closely enough. :tongue_smilie: It looks like you do the work on a separate sheet.


I appreciate your info and perspective. I'm definitely leaning toward FLL right now. I'm glad to see I can start either program at "grade level" and just go forward from there. I'm sure my son will appreciate not seeing a 1 on his book in 2nd grade. He is all about moving forward. :)

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Guest rideswithchrist

I did the same thing with R&S- to me, it looks like a workbook!

My Daughter is also going to use the 2nd...we were going to use MFW again, but due to budgeting we are going to wait and do the family cycle next year when my other daughter is in 1st. 


Are you using the whole R&S? I just got the readers, phonics and builder. 

I can't decide if I need to do something everyday, or alternate readers and phonics.

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