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Who's going to tackle Monday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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I put a load of laundry in and halfway straightened our main living areas. And I have three rooms and a hallway to prime and paint. Obviously I can't prime it all and paint it in one day.


Besides painting, I need to:


Make bed

Clean bathroom

School w/ kids

Grocery shop

Make dinner (maybe have one of the kids do this so I can keep painting)

Order birthday present for ds



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So far I have:


Taken dh into downtown Big City and dropped him off at a special work convention. I had a pop quiz in entering lines of cars driven by surly drivers all while hurtling along at 60 miles an hour. Fortunately, I passed.


The rest of today:


Clean kitchen

Make beds.

Laundry - a whole boatload of it.


School specials:


Ds - week in preview

Logic together - do one assignment from last week that he forgot to do.

history/lit. - next step in writing his literary analysis.


Dd11 -

history - Joan of Arc

Language Arts



dinner in crockpot


Get dh from downtown Big City - right in the height of rush-hour traffic


taekwando for ds if I'm back in time.



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No major schooling to be done tody. Relaxing, maybe scrapbooking, but on my to do list is:


-finish folding laundry


-feed farm


-get kids to finish their papers and a math assignment each.


-figure out a dinner to take traveling with us tonight because if I have to eat out one more time I will scream.


-drive DD to her softball game that is 3 HOURS from here....I. am. not. looking forward to that.

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So far I've gotten done:

cleaned basement and 1st floor--vacuumed, dusted

exercised 2.5 miles walking

cleaned up the yard

ironed and put away laundry from yesterday

cooking spaghetti squash for hubby


To Do:

cook dinner for me and kids, hubby working late

lesson plans for April and May

grading work

embroidery work


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I've got the laundry going and upstairs clean. Breakfast dishes need to be done (we have a late breakfast here after the chores have all been done). Supper ready to go in the crock pots.


I have the grocery list for the week made up and I'll have to do that. Car tags need attending to at the court house but maybe dh will do that. Ds has a doc appointment. All bills paid.


Have to make my kitty run and feed my orphans and mil's cats.

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Hmmm..Monday. Indy has not felt well today, so we didn't do much school, though he did grammar, spelling, creative writing and practiced his piano. Oh, and worked on 2 Sudoku puzzles together, which was a good exercise for his brain. He also listened to about an hour of D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths. Huh, guess we got a good bit done when I look at it. He didn't do Greek, Latin, science or history though.




Swept and mopped kitchen

Vacuumed living room-twice as Han Solo decided to crumble a cracker about an hour after I vacuumed

Vacuumed rug in dining room

Folded load of laundry from yesterday

Played with Han Solo


Read while HS napped

Ran, emptied and reloaded dishwasher

Went to the PO (blech!)

Went to the pharmacy to pick up some meds

Wrote some on a story I'm writing

Gave Dutch our Pekingese a bath (he was less than pleased with me)

Made dinner (which both boys liked, but I didn't!)


I still have to give HS a bath and put him to bed and clean up the dinner mess.

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2:30 report:


Kitchen cleaned.

Ran to the absolutely crazy busy grocery store and finally found what I needed to throw in the crockpot (I couldn't find anything easily!). Stuff is in the crockpot and at least we'll have dinner at some point.

Did logic and history/lit. with ds.

Did language arts with dd.

Made beds

Did half of math with dd. She made such a stink that I finally declared it nap time (a huge insult for an overly tired 11 year old, apparently). We will revisit math in 30 minutes or if she actually falls asleep in perhaps an hour.


Now I'm going to fold at least one load of laundry.

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Here's my 5:45 report.


I've almost finished up our school lesson plans...I'll have them done by bedtime.


Pushing off embroidery work until tomorrow and I'm going to finish up the baby quilts then to.


Dinner is simmering.


I'll read at bedtime.


All in all a nice productive day! :)

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