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I need online or video options for Latin II

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Have you looked at the other Latin programs from Memoria? They all ( i'm pretty sure) come with video instruction. Perhaps they could move into Second Form Latin.


We found their program Latin and logic to be as dull as dirt. I don't know what level you are looking for but we did Latin for Children which was good and are now doing Lukeion Latin online which I suspect might be too much for you.

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:lol: Candid is right...Memoria Latin dvds are quite dull. Fortunately for dd, dull + lots of drill, memorization, recitation, excercises, and flash cards works well. She actally feels more confident after 2 weeks with First Form than she did after 10 lessons of another program.



Some other online options that might work for the OP:

  • Visual Latin
  • Veritas Press
  • The Potter's School

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