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Vocabulary for my 8th grade dd

Chris in PA

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Hi everyone,

I need a little help with vocabulary for my dd. She is a right brain learner and her mom definately is not! I think looking words up in the dictionary as she reads is the best way to go and for her it is torture. We have tried VfCR and Wordly Wise and neither worked for her. I have Vocabulary Cartoons but am not sure how to implement it.

Any advice on something that has worked for you or how to use Vocabulary Cartoons would be greatly appreciated.



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I like MCT's "Word Within a Word" published by Royal Fireworks Press and finds it logical and sytematic. Using this bk. with "Magic Lens 1" with ds this summer as a break from RS Eng7 and VFCR. I was a bit intimidated and feared for my ds (who is going through that pre-teenage mood swings) but we are actually enjoying and learning a lot from this series. It is intense packed with information that's presented in a fun and enthusiastic manner. The author kept repeating that grammar and learning words is not hard but is actually simple.


Ds worked through VFCR a&B and is now starting C but I don't really see any marked or impressive improvement. I think he gets majority of his vocabulary and expressions from reading.

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