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Suggestions for introducing Latin in highschool

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My sister is the last of us siblings to be homeschooled by my folks. I am almost 20 years older than she is, so my parents have been homeschooling since the dark ages of the movement. She is going into 10th and my father wants to add Latin to her language skills since she has a good foundation in Greek already and likes learning languages. They are both really excited about it, but mildly uncertain where to begin since my father has never pursued Latin with the rest of us. When he was putting me through school, we just stuck to Greek and some modern languages since resources were more readily available in modern and he is pretty good at Greek. He seemed intrigued when I mentioned that I think there are now lots of sources out there for teaching Latin that are homeschool friendly. This would not have been the case when I was in high school; or at least, it would have been hard to find them since internet was still rather novel and new. Since my kiddos are elementary level, I wasn't sure where to direct him for starting at her level. I'm more up on elementary resources than high school. Where should I send him?

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First, a great way to test the waters is to do Getting Started With Latin by William E. Linney. The book (available on Amazon, or at bookstores...) is supported by a website with all sorts of teaching aids.


Then the question is whether you want to learn independently or go with a class. There are several options for classes, Lukeion and Lone Pine are two providers I see many link the high school forums. These use Wheelock's Latin. A great deal of what you will do depends on what your goals with Latin are. Unlike the modern spoken languages, conversational Latin is not a goal you would see often (except for perhaps Ecclesiastical Latin...)


You may want to search the high school forums, because there are many choices with Latin curriculum.

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