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Can anyone give me tips on transitioning to Saxon 54?


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My daughter is doing Saxon 3 this year. I own Intermediate 3 and my plan has been to have her do that book next to help her transition to the middle grades' books but if I do that she will have to do 2 books in one year over the next three years. My son is in the same boat. Because of this I am considering skipping Intermediate and going to 54 right away like kids have done for a long time. My younger ones will do Intermediate because they are starting a year ahead and have time to fit it in.


Anyway, I'm looking for tips on how to help them transition to a regular student led lesson such as ideas for lining up their work, understanding what is being asked, or anything that is helpful. I am willing to sit with her for awhile and help her but I also want to set her up for success in the beginning by giving her strategies. She is a struggling learner and this is a big deal for her. I pulled out Intermediate once and she had really been wanting to do it but then she freaked out that she didn't know what they were asking her even though the questions were easy. Her regular comprehension testing is somewhere in 5th grade level so she should be able to understand what she is reading but her confidence is low and she has fear of failing in Math.


Thanks in advance for your help!

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She is a struggling learner and this is a big deal for her.



I wouldn't jam three years worth of math into two years with a struggling learner.


I would sit with her for as long as she needs it, presenting the lesson, doing the practice problems, and reading every direction and review problem aloud. If he has trouble with copying problems from the book, I'd spend five minutes the night before copying them for her.


Then over time you can slowly extricate yourself from the process. Be prepared for this to take a few years. Also, she may need direct instruction from a human being in math forever, and this is ok! So, the first thing I'd try to make independent would be doing the review set. Then I'd get her to copy the problems herself. Then, if it seems appropriate, you could try having her read the lesson herself, but doing the practice problems with you. Finally, if this is successful, you could have her do the practice problems independently as well.

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