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starting Writing and Grammar - 9 yr old

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I mentioned I'd be back for writing and grammar in my math question. :)


DD, 9, had never really done a formal writing or grammar program. She writes in a journal, she started Writing Strands, level 3, last month (and she doesn't like it but does it reluctantly), and she does grammar workbooks I happen to have around the house so she's familiar with the basics. She has loved to write but I think WS may be killing her love of writing. What would you recommend for writing and grammar? I would prefer something she can do independently and I could check later but am willing to look at other things.



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We use MCT, which is teacher intensive, but really worth it, IMO. My 9 yo does Daily Paragraph Editing on his own. I have introduced a little bit of diagramming using FLL3. I never learned diagramming in school, so I've learned right with him.


Since we've completed the grammar portions of Grammar Island, DS1 can do the daily Practice Island sentence on his own, and then we go over it together because he rarely gets them 100% correct on the first try. He does Daily Paragraph Editing on his own as well and then self-checks, which works fine for us.


My DS1 is a reluctant writer even though he's very verbal. We use WWE3 right now, and he does well with the narrations. Dictation makes us both want to rip our hair out, but I'm trying to just relax on that ;) He does a paragraph summary from something in SOTW when he's done with each section. He did some poetry writing using MCT's MoH and BL.


I just signed up for TeacherFileBox and I am going to introduce a little bit on outlining and paragraph writing using some sheets from there.

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