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Dh's bday is tomorrow and I don't know what to do

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He already bought himself a present, his dad has already given him a present and I still want to get him something but the present he bought himself is supposed to be from the family, although we didn't have a say.


The presents he has already received are expensive and a bit extravagant. I don't want him to be judged by what he has already got so I'm not sharing that. I just know that I would like to get him a nice coffeemaker that isn't cheap but I feel torn. He says he just wants a cheesecake and that's all but his love language is gifts.


Urgh. I shouldn't spend the money but knowing 'him', I don't know what to do. I sort of feel like I was robbed the opportunity to celebrate his birthday. I'm the one who looks for the special gift and it means a lot to me to give from my heart which I put a lot of thought into.


So, should I get over it and save the money or go ahead and get him something?

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You just got back from your parent's house...read your blog...and you guys haven't had much time together, just the two of you (I assume)...especially after a hectic move...what about dropping the kids off somewhere for a few hours, having a quiet dinner and cheesecake for desert? I know that would be more along the lines of "quality time", but he'd also be getting the cheesecake!:001_smile:


Wish I had suggestions for the gift part, but I am sure others will chime in.:001_smile:

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Instead of balloons (unless he likes them!) how about something to go w/ the big purchase he got himself...or gift certificate for something to go with it? Or a magazine subscription about it? Something that shows you care & approve...even if you're struggling to do so! :)

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I'll just get him the cheesecake, a card and maybe balloons. I can't think of anything else to get him that he'd appreciate. I'll save the coffeemaker idea for Christmas.

That sounds like a good idea. Maybe you could buy or make another special dessert treat along with the cheesecake?

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