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Is each book of the Learnables one school year?

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On the Brink,


I am currently using The Learnables Spanish for 12 yr old dd. I agree that their website stinks! I do , however, generally like the program. If my memory serves me the product description at Rainbow resource is actually a better guide about how to use the program than what you can find on The Learnables site.

I believe the program is set up this way.

Year 1 / Level 1-The Learnables (ie the cartoon book with no writing) then Basic Structures, then the first supplemental grammar book . After that you would continue on with Level 2. My daughter takes a class with a native speaker every week for an hour. We use The Learnables to reinforce the material. My goal is for her to be bi-lingual and I like all the "ear" training that The Learnables does. I have seen comments on the board that it is considered to be somewhat of a light program but it serves us well.

Currently , she has completed 8 of the 10 lessons in The Learnables book. I have her listen to each lesson for 5 days before going on to the next lesson. I do think we are on track to finish the first level in about a year. I took French for 3 years in high school and 90% of what we did was written book work. Essentially, French remained a dead language for me and 25 years later I have retained almost nothing of what I learned. I remember we had a verb notebook *shudder* with 101 verbs that we had to conjugate . I would never do that to my kid! So, that's why I like the emphasis on the spoken language. HTH



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