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Any experience with Life of Fred for high school math


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i tried using LOF Beg Algebra w my teen, the first year we were homeschooling, which was 8th grade. he couldnt get through it. We did pre-algebra and bio (which was new) and it was fine, but he still couldnt get through algebra. we tried and failed with a few others and we did upper level singapore . . . where i discovered he actually didnt know a lot of pre-algebra, still.


I took the LOF algebra out 2 years later as review and it was easy.


but . . this kid has math anxiety and some processing issues. He needs things spelled out very clearly, very easy to understand, clear examples. He could not handle the jumping around and the vagueness of LOF.


It really depends on the kid. If your child has a pretty easy time with math, and appreciates rabbit trails, its probably going to be fine. If your child needs things spelled out in a linear fashion, maybe better as supplement or review. jmo.

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