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In light of all the, uh, potty threads lately, a serious PSA (kinda grody content)


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I have a dear homeschool mom friend who shared this with our circle of friends at Mom's Night Out last night. None of us ladies had ever even heard of it before. I thought I'd share here in case it is of use to someone else.


My friend just discovered the other day that her dd, middle elementary age, has Rectal Prolapse. I didn't hear the part of the story of *how* her daughter came to tell her about it. But the important part here is that her dd didn't think to mention it for a long time because she thought it was NORMAL. She thought *everyone's* body did that.


And then my friends teenage son said he had it, too.


My poor friend. She is obviously very concerned about her two kids. And yes, she is getting them medical attention.


The reason this really struck me is because this particular friend is VERY open with her children. They talk about e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. She really is phenomenal when it comes to her communication with her children. So it wasn't that they were embarrassed to come to her, or thought she wouldn't care, or anything else. They didn't think it was worth mentioning because they thought it was normal.


Well one of my boys has had on again off again issues with moderate constipation. So you better believe I asked him about it this morning. Should've seen the look on his face when I asked him about it. Nevermind him: my dh was all "WHY in the WORLD are you asking him that?!" But honestly, I was concerned. Thankfully he has no issues.


Anyway, something to consider talking to your kids about.

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