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History recommendations?


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Hello I am trying to figure out what curriculums to use next year. It is my first time. Does anyone use Connecting with History? SOTW looks so user friendly but being Catholic I've read that some of what is taught doesnt quite line up with our beliefs. Are there any Catholics out there who haven't had a problem with SOTW? Connecting with History seems like a good choice now that they've created daily lesson plans, but SOTW see much more open and go.


Any advice would be helpful! Also just a general question have most of you just bought curriculums and tried them out. I feel like I should see all my options in person rather than over the Internet.

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We started the beginning of the year using SOTW1 with my older kids and DS (then 4) sitting in. He was bored to tears. As a Catholic, I didn't have problems with SOTW1. I heard there were more ideological conflicts with 2 as it covered the Reformation. I tend to be a person though that will use whatever and explain to my kids that different people have different perspectives and then state the other side.


I think we'll kind of do a more patriotic theme with DS entering Kindergarten. We'll cover the Pledge of Allegience, Star Spangled Banner, patriotic symbols, etc. We are also going to do EM: Beginning Geography. DS is welcome to sit in on US History with the older girls as he chooses. He tends to really like documentaries and loves LIberty's Kids.

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