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S/o favorite science workbooks for 5th and 6th

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My son enjoys science workbooks. Last year we used spectrum science and didnt finish it, but enjoyed it. The readings were engaging and opened up a lot of rabbit trails.


Other suggestions of high interest science workbooks? We are trying Evan Moor Daily Science but i think i oike it better for the younger grades.

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What about the Complete Book of Science? I've not used it, but I really like all of their products that I have used. This series looks promising, too. I've not used their science books, but I've used one of their math books to tutor a student.


We have the CBOS for grades 3-4, and i like it but dont feel it's particularly deep. I am going to try and find previews for the new editon of the 5-6. Thanks!


Btw, CBOS has an updated version called Science Essentials. http://www.amazon.com/Science-Essentials-Grades-5-6/dp/0769660495/ref=dp_ob_title_bk

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I have updated the Holt Science thread to include links to the workbooks and readers. I used Evan Moor Daily Science a grade ahead during the summer for my boys to practice non-fiction writing. I might use the Holt interactive readers for comprehension practice.

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