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need help finding a dress for my daughter


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My 12 year old daughter is going to be in my SIL's wedding this summer. She is a junior bridesmaid. The wedding is a low key, small wedding. My SIL only wants her ladies to wear lilac colored dresses...one that they will wear again...so that is what I need to find. My daughter isn't a real frilly kind of girl, so something fancy won't work. I can't afford much more than about $40 or so...unless it can be used as an Easter dress too...then that would be better.



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Guest inoubliable

Have you checked a TJ Maxx or Ross store? Last I saw, they had a TON of Easter dress type stuff in. I bet you could find something there with a really nice price tag.

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I don't have any ideas for you, but I did want to mention that I think it's great that your SIL is allowing her wedding party to choose their own dresses, and wants them to pick something they will be able to wear again.


What a refreshing change from all of those horrible Bridezillas they show on TV!

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What size does she wear?


Here's one on sale that goes up to girls' size 14: http://www.childrens... & rompers_girl


Here are a couple of different styles (you'd need a better belt):





I haven't ordered from either of these companies.


Good luck!

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J Crew Crewcuts Girls has several dresses from $39.00 and up take a look. Here's a variety of styles.






I agree that dresses will go on sale later but you might want to get something now and return it if you find something you like better. Fortunately it's a popular color for girls. Have fun.

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