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Summer camps for high school?

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Ds#4 received a brochure inviting him participate in a law camp offered through Stanford. He is a bit interested but was wondering about other opportunities. He participated in the Patrick Henry College camps last summer. I mentioned Hillsdale Summer Study Abroad which his brother did several years ago but his answer is that he isn't interested in going to Europe. He said if there was a similar opportunity to New Zealand he might go :)


This brought to my mind the question of what other good camps are available to high school students. Anyone have a favorite? This son is good academically all around. He excels at whatever he puts his effort into. His interests are broader than his brothers and, I believe, his abilities are as well.


I really want him out of here for a while this summer :p not because he is a problem but because I want him to get exposed to life beyond the little town in which we live.



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The deadline is probably past or rapidly approaching for a lot of the competitive camps, so you might want to start investigating immediately.


One thing to keep in mind is that the Ivies and top schools use their summer camps as $$ making opportunities. They are big bucks compared to other academic camps. (After going through this a few yrs ago, we won't bother applying to those types of camps b/c their financial aid is very restricted.)


Cogito has a comprehensive list of camp options across academic areas.


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My son is going to Astronomy Camp in Arizona this summer, and he can't wait. His twin sister is going to Interlochen for voice. This is the first time they are going to a camp, and I am excited for them.



My ds went to Astronomy Camp last summer. He had a blast. Your ds is going to love every minute of it!

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