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Just spent $$$ on Teaching Company....

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I'm having an "Ahhhh!" moment. Hoping I just invested wisely for next year (10th grade). On EBay, I purchased Algebra 2, Chemistry, and Museum Masterpieces: The Louvre for $130.00. That is far cheaper than new, but it always kills me to spend over $100 at once, lol.... Anyone have experiences with one of these courses?

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We have the Chemistry course, sigh. You need to be aware that this is NOT a complete high school chemistry course. You definitely need a real chemistry text and work through that; the TC course is merely a supplement.

He focuses on few topics, mainly mathematical problem solving and explains everything extremely slowly and and with much repetition. It is probably a good remedial resource, but rather painful for a strong science student. I am sorry that this is the only TC course of the many I own about which I have nothing positive to say.


I am sure the Louvre one will be fabulous.

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Well - it hadn't even occurred to me to use them as stand alone curricula, lol :) I'm getting Foerster for Algebra 2 and probably Oak Meadow for Chemistry - but I like having lectures to go along with them.

Too bad the Chem is slow - but the mathematical aspect is most likely what I'll need help teaching, so that works out well.

Jilly - glad to know you enjoyed the Louvre :)

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