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Time sucker.... they laugh because I can't figure it out.


All three play without supervision - they started playing at the library on the x-box, and have extensive "lands" on their iPod Touches.


I"m thinking, Simcity but you build with these blocks and collect elements to build more stuff (no glass without sand). I bought them a creeper shirt at an anime convention and they were excited! LOL!!


eta: they are all girls, 17, 13 and 8

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Minecraft is the best video game there is IMO. It is like virtual Lego's.

If they want to build something out of wood they chop down a tree which turns into brown blocks, they can mine for stones which turn into gray blocks....I like that this is showing them where these materials come from. .They use these blocks to build houses, rooms and whole little towns. There is water, rain, snow, dessert, night and day so it is very realistic.


If they play in "creative" mode they are just building. There are zombies, spiders.. ( not scary as they too are made out of blocks) but they do have to attack these to get rid of them (no blood and gore) so it just adds a little excitement to the game as they are defending their homes. There are animals they can get to make little farms. The wild wolves can be tamed and made into pets.

The main idea is to make buildings and landscapes that they design so I like it for it's creative focus.


You can purchase something extra ( small monthly payment) where they can go "online" and play with others. This is fun if your dc have friends who also own that service because they can "play" together and talk to each other while at home.

This would be the only area that I think has to be supervised so they are only playing with people they know. And that is only if you get the extra service, otherwise they are just playing by themselves.


This post http://homeschoolmus...g-curriculum/�� has idea's on how to use it for homeschooling. All that being said it can be a time sucker because there is so much to do that my ds wants to play whenever he gets the chance...so you need to set your own limits.

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It's a time suck only in the sense that Legos and similar toys are: it depends entirely on the child. FWIW, I usually give the girls extra screen time for Minecraft, especially when they're highly engaged and playing in the same world. It's kinda fun listening to their patter as they play. :D

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Both of my boys say it's a time suck. They both play it, too. :D My youngest doesn't spend much time doing it...he prefers other stuff. My college aged son has been playing it most of the week (not 24/7 by any means), since he's on spring break, but he's had a hard schedule this semester, so I think he deserves it. Not that I regulate my 22 year old's computer time. I don't. LOL

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It has been the oddest but most valuable science supplement to my son's Mr. Q Life Science program this year. He's negotiated some ideas presented in the text by bringing up examples from his Minecraft game and some concepts I thought he might find a bit tough to grasp have been fleshed out by the game as well.


Skylanders is the time waster in this house. Minecraft has been worth its weight (well, if lines of code had weight) in gold.

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Here is a website where someone or other sells a special minecraft version to schools to use in the classroom. Coming soon is a version for home (and homeschoolers.) http://minecraftedu.com/


And here's one school's curriculum using minecraft. It takes the kids through learning how to survive as hunter/gatherers in the minecraft world, all the way up to building a minecraft empire with cities and art, etc.




I think Minecraft is pretty awesome for kids. It's a lot like Legos. We have a set time every day where the kids can play electronic games and I am satisfied that they choose to play Minecraft during that time. They're thinking and creating. Sure, the tools are the same, but they have fun making endless combinations. Just like Legos.

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