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Recipe to share: YUMMY Rustic Summer Squash Tart

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I hit a big homerun with this Rustic Summer Squash Tart tonight at dinner. I changed things slightly-- I made my own piecrust (the Pillsbury kind has Red #40 dye, to which I'm allergic), only used zucchini and summer squash (left out the pattypan) and instead of Roquefort cheese I used Boursin. Seriously....I rarely pass along recipes, but this one was really out of this world. Even my meat-and-potatoes dh loved it!


Just wanted to share with you gardening ladies--- I'm sure you've got lots of summer squash and zucchini around, no?


It was really easy to make; I hope you try it soon!



P.S. I'd be happy to share my piecrust recipe too, if anyone wants it. It's super-easy and a guaranteed no-fail recipe. Not fussy, it just WORKS. And it's delicious. And forgiving. What more can you ask of a piecrust? :D

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piecrust recipe too! Thanks for the recipe-I'm always looking for ways to use up these garden veggies, and most recipes for them are, um, less than yummy!


I searched for it on their site - it's strange because the link astrid gave should work. But if you go to the main page and search in the recipes, it comes up. It does look yummy!

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I just tried to click on the link and see that it's not linking because the http:// area in Astrid's link is a little off. So take out the extra characters so that only http://www. ... is left at the beginning (leave the rest after the www. alone) and it will work.



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