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Are there travel agencies anymore? Should we use one in this situation?


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Dh unexpectedly got March 23-30 off (the wk before Easter) for vacation and we need to get away (it's been 15 yrs!) Dh is incredibly burned out, and has already had one heart attack so I'm worried. (we'd leave the kids w/ my mom) We can't go unless it is very, very cheap, and we want quiet (no spring breakers) and warm.


We've tried looking online but things are either sold out, too expensive, or it's a dreaded "spring break" location, or it's a place we're not sure if we'll run into spring breakers!


We basically need someone who knows the ins and outs of travel that can help us stay within our parameters. Are there any travel agencies anymore? If so, where would I find one and how much do they cost? Would it be worth using one, or is there another way around this-some online resource we are missing?



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Have you tried something like lastminutetravel.com?


I plugged in your dates and Savannah, GA and here's what came back for hotels. I don't know what you mean by "very cheap" but maybe you will see something there that makes sense. Try a couple different locations that aren't generally where college kids or families go -- cities and such.


The only travel agencies I know of anymore do package travel and groups primarily.



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We have a travel agency still in our town. We don't use them anymore, although I know of some families who do. I would think you could at least go into a travel agency and ask them for ideas -- they wouldn't charge anything (I don't think) to just recommend a few general places that might fit what you're looking for, and maybe give you a few brochures. They would hope of course that once you figure out where you want to go, you would come back to do more business with them (but you wouldn't have to). I really have no idea what they charge for helping to vacation plan! Once you pick the area, you can really do everything yourself online.


www.tripadvisor.com is a good site to get both reviews and recommendations. You can either plug a certain location into their Search box, and then go to the tab that pops up of that area and choose the forum for that area. You can get honest reviews of what the area is like and if it's what you're looking for. They also have a trip planner tab that actually helps you choose locations.


Good luck! I hope you find the perfect place for a well-deserved rest!

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Wow, I used to use AAA all the time, now they charge????



But op, I am not sure where you are located, but here in CA it may be warm, but we do sometimes get rain during that time. All the beaches here will be packed, so I would look at a warm city. Museums, shopping (okay maybe for you, depends on DH) and a nice hotel. San Fran maybe?

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