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Opera for Everyone 4 CD's--Free download

Mrs Twain

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I have been working on our music appreciation, and came across this (which I believe someone mentioned on this forum recently). I don't know if this has already been posted, but I couldn't seem to find it--so here it is.


Anyway, Opera for Everyone is a four CD set with teaching about opera. The download is free. I have been listening to it, and I enjoy it very much!



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FYI--In case you haven't seen these.

Here are my other best free finds for music appreciation.


NPR Classics for Kids radio program. The shows teach about different genres of music and composer, grouped by time period.



Website with descriptions and audio of each classical instrment.



Humorous lecture about conductors and different conducting styles.



Benjamin Zander talk to convince you to like classical music. Very funny and effective.



Find anything else you need on Youtube.com.


If you do the opera CD's and the links above, you could add music theory (reading music/playing an instrument or recorder), and then add some patriotic songs. That would be a rather good music appeciation overview for kids.

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I was just listening to the beginning of the Carmen CD. I didn't realize it was an opera about promiscuous gypsies seducing soldiers (or at least somewhat about that)! Anyway, even though this is for "music educators" you may want to preview the CD's before having your kids listen to them, or else save them for when your kids are older. Maybe the other three operas are not a risque as that, but I don't know!

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