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Rod & Staff Grammar - which level?


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My 3rd grader has recently completed CLE 200s grammar and he is now in CLE 301 going intto 302. (My health issues slowed us down last year) I plan to continue using the 300s this school year and may do a little over the summer. However, it's possible we may only get through the 1st 4 or 5 light units instead of all 10. I'm thinking of switching to Rod & Staff Grammar next year for 4th grade and was wondering if it would be best to do R&S 3 or would R&S 4 be okay for him to start with? Is there review in 4 so that it wouldn't be too hard for him. He's not really fond of doing anything "below" grade level if the book shows the grade on it. On the other hand I want him to be grounded and not floundering in something that would be too hard. Thanks for any insight on this!



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Just curious, do you do most of it aloud or on the whiteboard to make it go faster at this age?



I use R&S to get some extra writing out of my son (for physical practice - it's really helping strengthen his hands and make "composition" time easier for him), so here's how it goes for us:


I get the TM in my hands and he gets the student text in his hands. We open to the lesson for the day.

I read through the lesson out loud. We then go over the oral exercises (orally ;) ).

Now I assign about 1/2 the exercises for him to write. If there are sentences to write, I limit it to 2-3. If he just has to write words, I'll give him up to half. For diagramming, I let him diagram on the white board, and we usually do 2-3 diagrams max, and I choose the ones that are different from each other (so for example, he might do one with a direct object and one with a predicate noun).


These lessons take very little time for us, and many of the exercises only require writing one word or an abbreviation or something.

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