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Can anyone compare compare MCP Math and Math Mammoth?


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Obviously, this would require having both programs. I am looking for a Mastery-based program that could be used to complement Singapore (done at a charter school) and Miquon (done at home.) (Yes, that's a lot of math, but we have our reasons, including keeping our options open for a charter high school that does advanced math work.)


One of the criticisms brought against kids coming from the Singapore Math charter (with little homework) was that they were unprepared for this math/stem high school's work, and I would prefer to have my son be prepared. He is an early and avid reader and word nerd, so my tendency is to believe that he'll want to stay at the Great Hearts high school (classical curriculum, trivium-style) but he also shows a huge interest in science and engineering and so if he chooses Basis high school I want him to be competivite: hence, extra math at home.)


So, which do you think would complement a Singapore/Miquon mix best? I want something super-simple, open and go. I've looked at Kumon workbooks and didn't love them, but partly that's what I'm looking for: a mastery-based skills repetition. I should mention that we own Math Mammoth, but I have ... ahem.. issues with the layout and such. I think that's why I'm pining for something in a workbook like MCP that is complete-ish. The major criticism of MCP that I've seen is that there isn't sufficient review. As we'd be layering it over Singapore/Miquon that doesn't concern me. Are there any other criticisms?


Thank you!

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I have used MCP before, and I plan to use it as a supplement to SM next year. It is not spiralling, that is you work one on topic and you do not review the previous topics, but the topics do build upon each others. Although they build on each other, it would be easy to do the units out of order to reinforce what you are doing in another program. I used it open and go, it was only a supplement and we used SM for actual instruction. If there was a topic that needed explaining, I had no problem doing so without the TM. The workbook is pretty self explanatory, IMHO. There was more than enough practice for my kiddos, they are pretty advanced in math.


I have looked into MM as another way to add more mastery work to SM, but I was already familiar with MCP, so that is what I stuck with. I too wanted something that was a complete program in one workbook, MCP just seemed like it would be easier to utilize for our needs.

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