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Asheville with toddler

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I'm getting cabin fever, so after the little guy's stomach bug clears up, we want to do an extended weekend in Asheville, NC. What are some fun things to do with a toddler, places to eat, stay, etc?


We plan to keep a nice, slow pace, and not worry about getting to every little thing. We're from the north, so we don't mind a bit of cold for outdoorsy stuff. Toddler-friendly and medium-to-low crowds would be great. GF dining options would be awesome, but not necessary. A hotel with a pool would be lovely! We're already thinking of spending a day at Biltmore unless the hive thinks that's a terrible idea at this time of year and with a toddler. I'd rather do it in the summer to see the gardens, but I'm having a baby then!



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Biltmore with a toddler can be challenging. Our oldest did fine, but our younger 2 were FAR too active and curious to do well inside the house.


The WNC Nature Center can be a nice break, and they do reciprocal admission if you happen to be a member of an AZA Zoo.


ETA: If the weather is pretty and it's open, the farm exhibit at Biltmore is fun. I'm not sure when it opens, though.


Malaprops bookstore downtown is a fun place to stop in for a break. I wish we had something similar here.

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