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Who's going to tackle Thursday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Yeah, baby!







Clean master bath, sweep and mop

Sweep kitchen

Play with Han Solo

Sweep Han Solo's room

Sweep back hallway



Walk to shopette for water

Lose military ID card

Freak out over losing ID card

Find ID card on sidewalk

Go back to shopette and get water

Relax from all the stress and eat so much it completely negates the last several days of exercise

Play with HS


And now I'm making dinner while I type on my iPad. I'm a multitasker! After dinner I have to give HS a bath and put him to bed, then the evening is mine. Yay! I was supposed to do a load of laundry today, but there wasn't enough to justify a full load.

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Mom in High Heels - what is a shopette?


It's like a convince kind of store, I guess. Most military bases have them, so you can grab small items without having to go to the PX or commissary (military grocery store). The ones we have (one has a gas station, the other does not) carry foods, water, drinks, alcohol, OTC medicines, some personal care and baby items, basic office supplies, books, magazines, quick foods (sandwiches, hotdogs, burgers, premade salads, etc), coffee and rental movies.


Next up: clean dining room so I won't be too embarrassed when tutor comes.


LOL! Indy's piano teacher commented once that our house was the calmest, cleanest house she gives lessons in and that I was one of the most put together HS moms she knew. Hahahahahaha! It's easy to look together for 30 minutes a week!


I still have to put the dinner dishes in the dishwasher and run it, but I'll do that before I go to bed. It's just after 9pm here, so I'll take the dog out soon, load the dishwasher and toddle off to bed.

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