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How much do you expect your children to understand from non-fiction books?

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How much do you expect your children to understand when reading non-fiction books independently ?


I just started checking my children's reading comprehension when reading non fictions, and found out that they don't always understand the books, science in particular. I know many moms use non-fictions to 'unschool' history and science. If that's the case, do you have some kind of assessment to make sure your children understand what they're reading ? Do you read with them/to them ? Do you explain ? Do you quiz ?



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When my kids were still in ps, I found that the "reading comprehension" tests for non-fiction books were MUCH harder than the ones for fiction, because those checked whether the kids could remember certain facts - so, the test tested not just comprehension, but also retention (which is not an issue with fiction).

For an age appropriate book, I would expect the child to understand everything they read, but not necessarily to recall all the facts after they are finished with the book. When checking for comprehension, I would keep this in mind; do the checking while they read, so you don't test whether they memorize.

If they do nto understand what they read while they read it, the book is too hard.

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My kids will do a bookadventure quiz for fun and redeem their points for a free prize- chocolate bar from Rocky Mountain Chocolate. http://www.bookadventure.com/Home.aspx


There's plenty of coverage for reviewing books. I like Frank Schaffer Literature Notes. You can find lots of study guides here for a small fee or free http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/

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