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I've come up with two tentative plans for language arts for my dd11 (dyslexic)

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Grammar, while appearing to be easy for her when it happens, simply isn't "sticking". I feel the need to concentrate less on formal grammar, and more on writing and spelling (very weak areas for her).


Would a program like "fix it" (IEW) work okay for "lite grammar"? I believe it's a grammar program that works through editing? I wasn't able to find samples.


For writing I was looking at the Student Writing Intensive from IEW.


Spelling would be Apples and Pears (which we have experience with).


My other option would be the grammar and comp program from Verticy - I just really feel like we need to step back from formal grammar. She has the very basic ingrained and I'm not sure that, with this kiddo, I can see the need for anything else, when she should really be concentrating her efforts (and mine!) elsewhere in language arts (like just getting a paragraph on paper...). I'm not sure Verticy can do this for us, but I know it's a program specifically for children like her...

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For grammar, another fix it type program to consider is Editor in Chief, and Daily Grams might be worth looking at. I don't think IEW's fix it is usually used with beginners as IEW favors working with grammar in the context of writing. You could maybe let grammar go for a while and come back when you have her able to get something on paper.

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I don't think so. I bought all three Sentence Composing books and the explanatory booklet (it probably has a title but I can't remember it off the top of my head) and had a good peruse of each. The Snork Maiden does a couple of pages a day, almost entirely on her own.

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Killgallon is pretty easy once you start trying it.


I would look at MCT town samples and see if that clicks, it explains grammar somewhat visually.




And his posters show some of the other pics in the books:



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Both my boys just turned 12 and grammar just wasn't sticking. I suspect they are dyslexic and they have struggled with any LA over the years. We just started IEW, SWI-A. I found their yahoo group to be very helpful. They recommended dropping grammar for now and working on writing and spelling. We are working through Sequential Spelling and I let them play the games on Grammaropolis. I have found that they are learning grammar through heir writing.


Here is a great article I found on IEW's site:



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