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Irritating, isn't it? My mom is still using the same toaster she bought over 30 years ago. We've had a 4-slice GE Classic Toaster for at least 5 years, and it still works. I think we bought it at Walmart, since I can't find it on Amazon.


Here's a review of toasters sold at different price levels: http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/product-reviews/appliances/toaster-reviews/best-toasters

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When I was growing up in a large family my Mom had bought a new toaster that was just not working out for reasons I don't remember.

Our family went to an auction and a neighbor family went along. My Mom noticed a toaster and was standing next to the neighbor lady. My Dad was across the way. Dad and Mom both ended up bidding on the toaster with my Dad winning the bid. Later the conversations were so funny. My Mom was trying to figure out why anyone would pay that much for a toaster and My DAd was trying to figure out why my Mom didn't know he was bidding on it too! We got the toaster and it worked great for years and years.

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