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Singapore Math 6A (US) help!!

Sue G in PA

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My brain is frozen. I need help with this problem. Exercise 11, #2:


1/2 of David's money is 2/3 of Henry's money.

a) Express David's $ as a fraction of Henry's $.



B) If David has $60 more than Henry, how much money to they have altogether.



Can somebody please help me explain this to my son? I "get" it but am having a hard time explaining it to my son so he can "get" it, lol. Thanks!

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sue, I pulled out my dd's workbook.


We cut the pre drawn bar diagram of david from 2 pieces (halves) into 4 pieces (quarters) that way the david pieces go from 1/2 to 2/4. then it popped out on the page that it was 4 to 3, or 4/3

this shows that 2 of the 4 bars of david is the same as 2 of the 3 bars of henry.


from there, we could see that david has 1 extra bar. we are told in problem that bar is 60.... each bar is 60. there are 7 bars total ( 4 + 3).... 60 times 7 = 420

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