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State competitions?


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I got a question for the Americans (and really for anyone)


Do you have State Games? I don't think I've ever heard of them.


My daughter is just back from the Winter Quebec Games and I don't think there's anything comparable in the States. It's basically like mini-Olympics. All sports are represented (this year, they had 22 sports). The province is divided by regions. Each region has its own flag and compete against the other regions for the most medals. There's an opening ceremony, and a closing ceremony, an athlete village, etc...

The only thing missing is a doping committee ;-)


It's a pretty big thing here (we also have the Canada Games that are similar but country-wide)


Just wondering if there's anything like that elsewhere?


Opening Ceremonies

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Yes, we have something like this, sort of, only it's mostly for recreation-level athletes, or sports that are not Olympic yet (like climbing). For example, the gymnastic facilities that I know who participate bring their lower level gymnasts or older L8s or whatever. And the climbers are usually not the ones that participate in USAC Nationals.


The biggest problem is that nobody knows about them (as you can see).


State Games of America


2013 State Games of America


I know for certain that Colorado, Arizona, Montana, Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, and California at least participate in these things. It's actually kind of a neat thing!

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Locally, there are regional competitions to see who can go to the Provincial games.

However, if you're too good to qualify for Nationals, then you can no longer to Provincial. So the Games are middle-of-the-Road.

Not everyone can go, but you're not Olympics level - although you may be one day.

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