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Great story about a homeschooling family of 7


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That was much more enjoyable than the article comparing them to the Duggars over and over. The woman seems a lot like me. Silly, smart, young seeming in a lot of ways. Driven to do what she wants for her and her kids.


My favorite part was when the mom (Janelle) was talking about studying for her own degree in Mechanical Engineering. She said, "You only live once. I don't want to be, like, sixty and saying I never did anything." And her two teenagers looked up at each other and grinned. That was the best, the look they gave each other! ;)


I would love to meet everyone in this family: Janelle (mom), Jayde, Jeven, Jhia, Jarec, Jake, Jenna, and Jordan. And the dad, Wayde, Jr. He's a J, too.

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I saw that article the other day and liked it. They actually reminded me of an African American family that lived near us in the UC Berkeley Village (family housing) that homeschooled their 5 kids. The parents were both students and so they arranged the schedule so that between mom, dad, and the two oldest, teenage children they were able to do it. Plus all the kids had an excellent educational experience by being in a college community and experiencing life sound them.

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