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Question for those living in TN...

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For those who live in Tennessee (specifically the Crossville area) I had a few questions. Our family may be relocating from WI to TN if my husband decides to take a job in Crossville, TN. He is an Automotive Technician and there is a job available there.


Ok, I don't know that you all can answer this but if your husband is also an Automotive Technician in TN how are you all doing? Here in WI he is paid hourly and the job would change to flat rate pay (I may have just lost you, sorry) and we are trying to find out if there is enough business/hours that are calculated to support our family.


How is the housing market? We live in a high cost area for housing and property taxes right now. Ex. our house is 1400 sq feet with 1.8 acres for 170,000 and taxes are 3400.


How is homeschooling in the TN area? I have briefly looked at the HSLDA website but wondered about families who are living there and how they find the laws - easy? difficult? a little difficult?


How about other cost of living expenses? I don't want to get too personal but how much can a family of 7 expect to live on? We are hoping to increase our income while decreasing our expenses - wouldn't we all like to do that right! ;) We know with having 4 boys our food budget will be going up yearly besides other expenses going up just with cost of living expenses.


Any info you would like to share good and bad would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!!

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I can only speak to homeschooling, and it is super easy with an umbrella school. I use Home Life Academy. You submit an education plan (doesn't matter what it is), submit days and grades (again, it doesn't matter), and get covered, no problem. I even get a letter of enrollment for the girls. I just paid $81 for a year. COL isn't that bad. We're outside of Nashville.

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I can't speak for Crossville or the Automotive Technician field, but TN is a decent place to live. Homeschooling is pretty easy through an umbrella school; Homelife Academy is simple to use.


Most electric is from TVA so you can check their rates online. Cost of living tends to be pretty average to slightly below average. Your major grocery stores are Kroger and of course Walmart. I am not sure what homeschool groups and activities there are in Crossville, but Greater Nashville has a large group of homeschoolers and activities.


Good luck with the move.

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I grew up in East Tn and have family there. I don't know Crossville area well, but I think you could find a similar house for less and much less in taxes. TN does have high sales tax, and I don't think it's less on food, but they don't have state income tax.

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loving using Home Life Academy as my TN cover school. basically when I moved to TN, I found you report to either local school district or sign up for a "church related school". Home Life is online, sign code of ethics.. I like it. easy.


I live on the other side of TN (southwest corner)... sorry.. no help on Crossville. (I'll drive past it this weekend on way to knoxville for a business meeting)

all I can help is to say things you probably know... check the city gov't page, http://www.crossvilletn.gov/

or maybe at least start with one local homeschool group


even if you don't fit in with them, they might know a group that you will


real estate comparisons...



grocery comparison... . check Kroger for local ads to see prices



happy moving... that's a pretty part of the state.

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I live closer to Nashville.


COL is pretty good comparatively. It is nice that we don't have a state income tax, but fuel taxes are higher because of that. I know inflation comes into play here, but we built a 2200 squ. ft. house on 6 acres in 2001 for 170,000. And property is decently expensive here, due to our proximity to the city. (about 7-8K per acre) so I think you may be able to get more house for the same money.


Economically, TN has been shielded a bit from the economic woes that have be plaguing our country. Even if this initial job just gets you in the area, I would be surprised if he could not find a different job if this is not exactly what he hope for. Jobs like mechanics are in fairly high demand right now, as people are more likely to repair vehicles than buy new ones.


I think they reduced the sales tax on food recently.


PP's have it right as far as homeschool laws. They are pretty easy to follow, and there's a virtual school out of Union County that you can enroll in if you are interested. (TNVA)

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