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My 9yo is presenting an idea to our city council tonight

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Our mayor phoned our house this morning to invite our 9yo to present her "community improvement" idea at the city council meeting tonight. We participate in the Girl Scout "Juliette" program, and seeing how the 22nd of February is World Thinking Day, I let my girls take the day off from regular school and just work on Girl Scout stuff all day.


One of the things my 9yo worked on was a step for one of her "Journeys"--picking a problem she sees in the community and trying to do something about that problem. She wrote a letter to the mayor about our city's running trail and how she was hesitant to use it because it's not marked very well and, because they are no maps of it, she has no idea where it goes. She also wrote that she would appreciate a response to her letter.


That was a little over a week ago (obviously), and the phone rang this morning with the mayor's name on the caller ID. I figured it was worth interrupting lessons to answer the phone, and it was indeed our actual mayor on the line. He said her letter was "the sweetest letter," and then he acknowledged that she had asked for him to write back to her and he said, "How about I do ya one better? Would she be comfortable presenting her idea to the city council tonight at our meeting?"


And then there was some stammering from me, which I'm sure was very impressive, and we talked logistics for a minute before deciding that she could handle it and that'd we'd show up early so she could have a chat with the mayor and he could talk her through the protocol.


She's excited, "but a little nervous." She narrated to me what she wants to say and I wrote it down for her, and now we're having lots of discussions about various political topics. What a great tie-in to our study of the American Revolution! :)


I just had to share because I'm just so proud of her!

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UPDATE: It went really well! I'm so proud!


I wrote up a blog post about it, if you'd like to full story and video of the proposal. The mayor was so awesome!




She did wonderfully!


Wait, you're in SF? If that's the Utah SF, we'll be living ten min away soon. Cool!

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