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please help the apple challenged


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I have an iPhone. I have an iPad. It used to be that when I took pictures with my iPhone, they would also show up on my iPad. For some reason unbeknownst to technologically-challenged me, this doesn't happen anymore. I sure wish it did because it is much easier to share photos from my iPad. Can someone please tell me how to get this feature back on again???


MANY thanks in advance.

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Okay. So, when I go to the photo stream on my iPad *some* recently taken photos are there, but some are not?? What is the difference between photos and photo stream? How come only some are there?? I had being a techno-moron. :(


ETA: Okay, it looks like all recent photos are there, but some are under photo stream and some are under albums - which there aren't any albums - just different sets of pictures????

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