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Help teaching improvisation on piano

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My dd9 likes to play around improvising things on the piano. She is taking lessons using a standard note-reading method, but I think she would really enjoy learning more about improvising. Are there resources out there that teach chords, chord progressions, etc.? Not from learn-the-theory-for-theory's sake" standpoint but a "here are principles to make cool music that sounds good" standpoint?

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This is for an older child or adult but should give you ideas:




The music tree series has ideas that are more child friendly, but not as extensive.



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At this age, have the teacher teach him the I IV V I chord progression in C and G. Then have your ds assign each chord to a measure (4 beats) and play around with melodies. Then he can change those chords around for a different progression. He can also assign certain chords 2 or more measures. His ear will tell him which melody notes to use with each chord. A simple rule would be to use the same notes that are in the chord in the corresponding melody. That will get boring after a while, but it is a starting point.


There are a lot of books geared for adults that teach improvisation, but for a 9 year old, this will do.


Another favorite progression involves the vi chord which can be inserted almost anywhere in the above progression with good results. Don't bother with jazz improvisation books at this point. Just give him a few tools to help him explore.


If this makes absolutely no sense to you, I could probably find some websites. Your teacher should be able to teach this progression easily if he has not encountered it yet in his piano books.


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