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Pi Day - 3/14 - Activity Suggestions

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Yes, they are younger, but I want to celebrate math. For instance, one idea I am doing is having a 1/4 circle outline coloring page for them to color and then I'll put them all together to make a circle quilt. We'll make a paper chain with one color per digit and see how far we can go. Of course lunch will be circle foods, english muffin pizzas, muffins, pumpkin pie (it's my ds's favorite also), etc. It doesn't necessarily have to be all about pi but just math oriented. 3/14 is also Albert Einstein's birthday. I'd like to have some games or more physical activities as well. Thanks.

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Pi Twister or Hullaballoo: On big sheets of paper taped to the floor or a drop cloth, make a grid. In each square put a digit of pi. Color each square by the digit, similar to the paper chain you plan to make. Then either play Twister, or play a game like Hullaballoo, telling them an action to do as they move to a color or a number.


ETA: You can also use any number of relay races and party games by tweaking the theme to involve circles - like a relay race involving carrying ping pong balls on plastic spoons to dump into a round container; or a relay race carrying balloons to a circle on the floor where they sit on the balloon to pop it.

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