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For those who are dealing with dyslexia what are you using? I'm reconsidering things and am interested in your experiences. Also, do you teach sight words or simply take a phonetic approach?


We tried Barton and ds balked at it. He is currently using Lips, Seeing Stars and Great Leaps all through a therapist. We practice at home and supplement with readers, Spell by Color, Brain Games and Progressive Phonics. We are planning to pull him from therapy in April or May and go on our own. We've been doing therapy for 20 months. His phonics are finally grade level but actually reading is still at k-1st. He is 9.


Thank you for your feedback.

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The Dolch words that are phonetic we did phonetically. For the ones not phonetic -- we happened to use Abecedarian. Basically my son practiced about 8 at a time to mastery, usually taking 2-3 weeks.


You might look at fluency. He might need easier things to read while he practices.


It sounds like his phonics is great! That is great news!

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