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rod and staff spelling placement


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I'm considering switching my eldest from aas to r&s spelling. He is working in level four now and in second grade. He doesn't seem to have spelling issues so I think he'd do fine with something more independent. Would going to r&s 3 next year be a step back?

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Hmmm... The words in 3 might be easy after doing AAS4 (we did R&S 3 halfway through AAS 3), BUT... the exercises in 4 get kind of hard... Though this is for next year in 3rd? It might be ok then. We started level 4 halfway through 3rd grade.


Take a look at the samples online and see which one would be more appropriate for your child. Don't just look at the words, but look at the exercises as well. The difficulty is in the exercises, not the words.


If nothing else, you can always try 4, and if it's too much, go back to 3 and use 4 later.

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