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Help my kids make dinner tonight!


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I'm sick. Miserable. My 13yo and 10yo are handy in the kitchen if they have a recipe, but I can't even think straight. I have black beans cooked in the fridge (unseasoned). We are vegan. Any super easy recipes the kids could throw together? I do not have tortillas made. We have the usual pantry essentials- spices, onions, brown rice, pasta, etc. I have lettuce and peppers but no tomatoes. We we have cabbage, kale...


Help my poor foggy brain...

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Have them heat up the beans and season it with cumin, chili powder, etc. They could saute some onions and garlic first and throw in some salsa at the end if you have those things. Cook up rice and make a simple salad of lettuce and peppers or a simple coleslaw (oil, vinegar, dash of salt and sugar for the dressing).

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Rice and beans.


Saute down some onions, throw in some rice to cook (or put onions to the side and prepare rice in the rice cooker, then add onions later).


Season beans, and warm.


Voila; rice and beans w/onions.


If you want more, shred the cabbage and saute. I like to use oil and red pepper flakes, yum.


Or skip the cabbage and make a simple salad of lettuce, sliced bell peppers, sliced onions and some oil/vinegar to dress.



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