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That Charlotte Mason 99 cent special?


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Here's a link to an interesting review.




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stars-1-0._V192241078_.gifSeems to be Stolen from the AO Website, March 4, 2013





This review is from: Charlotte Mason's Original Homeschooling Series (Kindle Edition)Many *volunteers* for Ambleside Online spent thousands of hours typing and editing and making notations and proofreading all six volumes of Charlotte Mason's work, that they might be available free on the web. Now, someone seems to have cut and pasted all of the volunteer work into a single volume to make themselves a tidy sum. If you disagree with this sort of violation--cutting and pasting, and then publishing not just the public domain material, but also AO's own work, such as footnotes about baby care (which are NOT public domain, but the property of Ambleside Online), etc.--then I highly suggest you do not buy this. Read the material free on AO's website instead.


I look forward to the day that AO's work is made available free on Kindle, and edited to be professional, rather than such sloppy cutting and pasting.


It is one thing to type up your own copy of a public domain work, but quite another to capitalize on the work of others without their permission. Just because AO makes material available free on their website does not mean that others are free to take it and use it for their own profit.



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Wow! I didn't know that. I didn't even look at it. I have the series in books and just thought it was nice it was on Kindle. Apparently, someone is going to do a free version for kindle that you can get of AO's website. I wonder if anyone from AO contacted Amazon in regards to this?

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