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*Waves* Hi!

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Hi Everyone. I'm new around here and still pretty new to HS'ing. We are in our second year. My oldest is 7 and he is using MFW 1st. I also have twins who recently turned 5. They just started MFW K last week. And, derailing us continually, I also have boy/boy twins who are 2 (turning 3 in April) and a 4 month old baby boy. (Yes, I have 5 boys and 1 girl, including 2 sets of twins who are 27 months apart and a baby and my house is crazy! :thumbup: )


I recognize some of you from other boards and I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone and sharing experiences. I've already recieved some very good advice and resources just from lurking. So, thank you!


Also, I would post a signature, but it is saying I don't have access to my profile or settings, which I assume is where my signature is. Is this because I am new? I saw a thread with some other members having this issue also. So, I'm not sure if it's because I'm new or because there is a problem. Any insight on this would be helpful. Thanks!

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Thanks everyone! Julie, I was reading along and pondering with you on the MFW v. HOD thread. :)


I just needed more posts to get a signature.


Anyone know how I can get spell check in here? I am a very bad speller. It is embarrassing and I don't like showing it. I need spell check. :tongue_smilie:

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