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I really think it's chicken pox...

Susan in TN

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Dd10 has had some very itchy spots show up on her stomach and face in the past few days - we thought they were bug bites from playing in the woods, but I noticed this morning at breakfast that there were several more showing up on her eyelids and hands.


I took her to the walk in clinic this morning but the nurse practitioner who saw her said he thinks its an allergic reaction since she had a vaccination for chicken pox. This was after taking a sideways glance at her and then sitting at the computer to fill in patient information.


I've looked 'til I'm nearly cross-eyed at online photos and the pictures I've found of a case in an immunized child looks exactly like her case. http://www.cdc.gov/chickenpox/about/photos.html

The spots look like the photos - small, red spot, clear liquid blister, (not yellow like impetigo), not measles, small pox, etc.


So despite the expert opinion, I feel I need to alert her various teachers and groups that she's been in over the past couple of weeks so they can let the other families know.


What does the Hive Mind say?



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I'd certainly let them know that it might be chicken pox -- there's no downside to their being aware of the possibility, even if it isn't.


DS got a very mild case of chicken pox after having had the first vaccine but not the booster. (We didn't skip it - it was just not due yet.) He had a fever of about 101 for less than 24 hours, slept through an afternoon, and then he was pretty much done with it except the blisters itching a bit.

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I think you are "spot" on!! lol


My stepson also got a very mild case of the pox years after he had been vaccinated for them. It happens.


However, I would watch her very carefully, because if it is an allergic reaction of some kind, you'll want to catch it before it gets much worse, if that is the case. You never know.

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I would take her to your regular doctor tomorrow and see what's going on. If it's chickenpox, your dd could be prescribed medication to minimize her illness.


I would also definitely inform the parents of kids she has been in contact with, and I'd do it immediately, just so they're aware that they and their kids could have been exposed. Who knows which families may have friends or relatives who could get very ill if they were to catch chickenpox or get shingles? I think it's better to be safe than sorry -- and if it turns out to be nothing when you go to the doctor, well... I can't imagine that any of those people would be upset to receive a follow-up email that lets them know there is nothing to worry about! :)


I hope your dd feels better soon! :grouphug:

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