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Question for Dr Hive! DC & Bowel cleanout aftermath!


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DS has been having chronic stomach aches for the last 1 1/2 years. He saw a GI doc about a week & a half ago. They did bloodwork, xrays, etc. They called last Monday and had me to a bowel cleanout regimen for 2 days.


He had 2 days each with 8 doses of Miralax & 2 doses of ExLax. We did it on Tuesday & Wednesday. He obviously went to the bathroom a ton on Tuesday evening & all day Wednesday (I'd say 20-25 times total). On Thursday he only had 1 bowel movement and hasn't gone since.


Today he popped up with a non-itchy rash on one of his buttocks and his upper legs on the backside that almost looks like a contact rash.


Could he be having an allergic reaction to the Miralax? I am obviously calling the GI clinic in the a.m. and if the rash spread anymore today, I will probably take him in to our local ER. Would you go ahead & give a dose of Benadryl? The GI clinic is 3 hours away so there won't be any driving there if unnecessary.

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Has he had anymore of the Miralax since Wednesday? If not, I would not think that a rash that showed up today would be from the Miralax taken four days ago.


One of my boys had rashes like that from viruses, contact with cleaning agents and also from something like athletes' foot fungus, but on the legs. Benedryl is usually our first line of defence for rash and hives.

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