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Critique my 4th grade plan?


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Here's what I'm thinking for 4th grade. I'd love some thoughts about it.


LA: CLE LA 400

Reading: Kolbe Academy Elementary Lit Guide

Writing: Write On!

Math: Horizons 4

History: SOTW 3

Geography: Galloping the Globe

Science: Either Physics as outlined in WTM or Magic School Bus Science

Spanish: La Clase Divertida 2

Latin: Big Book 1 (continuing from Song School Latin and GSWL)

German: Das Neue Deutschmobil 1

Art: Meet the Masters


We also do Classical Conversations at home. DS (1st grade next year) will be tagging along with DD on everything except LA, reading, and math.



I'm especially looking for feedback on Reading and Writing since I've never used either of those texts before. I wanted something to help teach literary elements and a basis for discussion, which is why I was leaning toward Kolbe. And I was looking for an introductory writing program which is why I was looking at Write On!


I'm not sure about teaching 3 languages either, but next year will be DD's 3rd year of Latin and 2nd year of Spanish. I originally chose Spanish because it's a useful language to know in this part of the country, but I've studied German, lived in Germany for a while, and I would love to pass that on to her. Both DD and DS have been asking for me to teach them to speak German too.


Thanks for reading and feedback!

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We are using the Kolbe Lit guide this year along with Memoria Press guides. I didn't buy the teacher's manual for the Lit guide, so it may be in there, but the large spiral that goes with all the books is mostly used for comprehension- vocabulary and comprehension questions. I know the teacher's guide also gives some writing assignments but not sure if it teaches literary elements. I think Kolbe uses Classical Composition to cover that (we are going to use the MP Classical Composition next year). I am not familiar with Write On.


Do you need any spelling?


Three languages seems like a lot to me, but if you have the time and interest.....


If you feel like you have too much maybe do geography to coincide with your SOTW instead of a separate curriculum (I know GTG has a lot in it, so not sure what all you have planned)

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With 3 languages -- it just depends on what you feel you have the time for. Go for it if you can do it! Giving your children the gift of languages early on is so fabulous! I, myself, wanted to do Latin in addition to Spanish and French (I teach the French, but outsource Spanish). I also teach my girls piano. I eventually had to be honest with myself and either Latin or piano had to go (music is a language, too, right?) I realized that I could teach both French and piano, and teach them fairly well, or teach French, Latin and piano, but not teach any of them quite as well. I dropped Latin. My advice -- take a long hard look at what you know you are capable of, and do it. If you can tackle those three languages -- more power to you! If not, that's ok, too. :)

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