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I have a ? about my 10 month old German Shepherd puppy (Bones popping)


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About a week ago, we noticed that when he goes to get up or sometimes makes a turn, you can hear a bone pop. It sounds just like if you were to pop your knuckle. He's not acting like anything is wrong at all and doesn't favor it or anything like that. He is perfectly normal acting. It sounds like it's coming from his front leg. The first thing we were worried about was something being wrong with his hips etc... Just not sure what to think about it. I wondered if it could be a growth spurt.


Has anyone experienced this with their German Shepherds?


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We have our first GSD puppy right now. She is 8mo. I have never noticed anything like that. It doesn't sound like a good thing. I would probably see a vet.


You could try posting here to see if anybody else has experienced it:



I'm not sure if your post would fit best until "general puppy stuff" or "development and socialization".

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