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A Small Vent


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I see often on this and other boards how awful real estate agents are....


Let me tell you I'm an agent and some clients are just plain difficult to work with.


Blech. I like working with most people--and I've worked my tail off for this ungrateful woman--somedays you just wish you'd stayed in bed.


Back to your regular Saturday....

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Working with difficult, ungrateful people is a pain. :grouphug:


I know you're just venting, so feel free to ignore this. But is there any way you can let her go?


When I was in business for myself, I let a few clients go who drained me in this fashion. I just told them that I felt I wasn't the best fit for them and that they'd be better served by someone else. I wasn't a real estate agent, so I imagine that there might be contractual issues that make letting clients go more difficult in your case.

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